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Founded in 1988 as a recording studio, HOFA is now one of the
largest providers of audio services and products in the German-speaking area.
It’s our ambition to make your life as an audio enthusiast easier and more successful.



Intelligent audio plugins
for PC and Mac



The patent remedy for
optimum acoustics



German language courses for
recording, mixing & music production



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HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.MasterOut Now!
You can buy it now at the introductory price of only 59,90 €
– also as LE version in the Mac App Store!
More info about the new version, the upgrade and the grace period:

CD-Burn.DDP.Master info

Extra long trial period for all HOFA Plugins!
Check out our plugins for free until March 31, 2018 – even if you tested them before!

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2 Jochens and 1 Fabian from HOFA were hosted by Non Eric in his German online tv-show “Musotalk” and talked about the recordings and the mix of the contest song “Wahrheit”. Even though it’s in German language, you might get some fascinating insights!

Watch the video

The contest started at the beginning of December. Now there are some 100 mixes and remixes online. So you can listen, comment and vote!


HOFA-Akustik Donation Campaign

Relief for little ears

We want to use this Christmas mailing to point again to our donation campaign “Relief for little ears”. Until end of January, every module you buy in the HOFA-Akustik Shop helps financing hearing aids for children in developing countries.

HOFA-Akustik Donation Campaign

Overview HOFA-Akustik Modules


Merry Christmas from HOFA!

HOFA studio-tomcat Kolumbus wishes merry Christmas

We wish you the best for the holidays and a good start into a successful 2018!

Your HOFA team
& studio-tomcat Kolumbus 🐾



Finally the waiting is over! For the ninth time HOFA presents the christmassy MIX CONTEST with prize money of 2x 1000 €. In addition, there are Special Awards for outstanding mixes, donated by our supporters ADAM Audio, Shure, Steinberg and Toontrack. Download the tracks (this time with a 50 singer gospel choir!), spend some blissful hours in your studio – and don’t forget the prize money 🙂

Info & download


Video: Retro Tape Flanging – Perfect for Transitions!

Jochen and Fabian show you how to use the new tape flanger in HOFA SYSTEM to create transition effects that couldn’t be achived like that without real tape machines!

Watch the video

By the way, the tape flanger is part of the PhaserChorusFlanger suite that will be available soon for SYSTEM. Buy the SYSTEM 2 Bundle now and get the suite for free when it’s released!



HOFA-Akustik Donation Campaign

During this winter special we will donate 10 % of all HOFA-Akustik shop sales to the project “Hilfe für kleine Ohren” (relief for little ears). This charity provides hearing-impaired children with hearing aids and gives them a chance of a self-determined live.

Learn more

Buy acoustic modules and help!


HOFA SYSTEM 2 out now!

You asked for it – and you get it: this update gives you all modules also as single plugins for your DAW and many more improvements \o/

Buy SYSTEM 2 Bundle now and get the upcoming PhaserChorusFlanger Suite for free! (Will be released in approx. 3 months)

SYSTEM 2: learn more

And with 2.0 there is also a free SYSTEM! Exactly: FREEWARE 👀


Price reduction on Acoustic Pictures!

We could lower the cost of production for Acoustic Pictures and relay this advantage directly to you. Acoustic Pictures improve the sound in your rooms, look great and are now  
particularly favorable!

Save now!


Noise gets on your nerves? We meter the level!

The HOFA specialists measure not only reverberation times, room modes and reflexions, but of late also noise level. These measurements e.g. in office and meeting rooms or production plants as well as of street noise in living rooms are precise and affordable.

Acoustic measurement


HOFA SYSTEM now has a rough compression!
Watch our elaborate video tutorial to see how it works.

Everyone missing the listen mic compressor of a certain well-known Bristish console should not miss out on this 😉

Watch the Video Tutorial


The Produktions & Song Contest invites you to a stroll through (home-)studios from all over the world.

Listen to productions from over 50 different countries now and vote for your favorites until August 20th.

Produktions & Song Contest

Top 20


C++ software-developer for HOFA-Plugins 

We love sound technology and provide intelligent audio plugins which make mixing and mastering much easier.

If you are enthuiastic about this exiting combination of programming and audio engineering, you are right with us.

To the job advert (German)


“Please explain HOFA SYSTEM in mixing tutorials!” – that’s what we were asked by some visitors of our plugins workshop in July.
Jochen and Fabian started right away …

And the tutorial Spatial Depth and Algoverb is also finished.

Watch the videos

Especially for HOFA SYSTEM we extended and resetted the demo period -> so, even if you’ve already tested HOFA SYSTEM, you can now use the extra long trial period until August 31.
By the way – until this day, the introductory price is still valid.

Download demo


Any news from Produktions & Song Contest?

Entry deadline for your best song is July 31. There are 3 more weeks (till August 20) to collect public votes. Subsequently, the jury meets for one week and presents the winners of the 44 prizes.

Join the contest or listen to the music


Mastering is a hot topic at HOFA since decades.
If you’re interested in our refinement of your production, take a look at the new offers and prices.

New mastering offers and prices at HOFA


We love to come around with our measuring tools to your place, for an acoustic measurement is the best basis for an optimization of your room’s acoustics.

Acoustic measurement by HOFA

If that sounds too laborious for you, our free acoustics advice & planning is at your disposal.

Free acoustics advice & planning

Whatever you choose – right now is the right time to get started. Some HOFA acoustic modules are especially affordable during our SummerSpecial.


First news about the XMAS MIX CONTEST 2017/18

Jochen Sachse re-activated again our former colleague Jonas Schira who did the orchestra arrangement of “Warten” last year.
This time he is responsible for a choir arrangement. Last week they met for a preliminary talk with Jochen Weyer, the gospel choir recording will be in September.


SYSTEM 1.5 out now!

SYSTEM 1.5 Out now! Introductory price available

The modular plugin with its incredible possibilities comes as version 1.5 – completely revised and improved.
In this revision we focussed on optimized usability and intuitive workflow.
New features, modules and more than 300 presets make SYSTEM 1.5 valuable as never before.

Users of SYSTEM 1 get the update for free – for everybody else there is still the super-low introductory price.

SYSTEM 1.5 >>


PSC now in the second half!

After the first weeks there are now more than 450 songs which – until now – were played 200.000 times and received thousands of votes & comments!

The 20 best placed tracks in each main category will enter the jury voting – so, it’s not too late for your best song 🙂

Visit the PSC >>